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Aquamarine is the birthstone for for the month of March & anniversary gemstone for the 19th year of marriage.

Aquamarine, birthstone for March, derives its name from "sea water". Aqua (water) sparkles like the sea and its color is light to medium blue, sometimes with a slight greenish splash. According to some legends, it is the treasure of mermaids, with the power to keep sailors safe at sea. Aquamarine is said to be a particularly strong charm when immersed in water (which is a good thing, since that is when sailors need its power most!)

Aquamarine was also said to have a soothing influence on land, especially on married couples. Its power to help husbands and wives work out their differences and ensure a long and happy marriage makes it a good anniversary gift. Aquamarine also protects against the wiles of the devil. A dream of aquamarine means that you will meet new friends.

Aquamarine is always a pastel blue but the darker the color, the more valued it is. Professionals prefer a pure blue, with no green in it. Stones with a greenish tone are less expensive.
Because the color is generally pale, aquamarine should have a good clarity. These stones are often cut in ovals and aquamarine cuts. More saturated colors are unusual in small sizes: usually it takes some size for the color to hold in a darker shade.

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